With our full suite of brand communication capabilities, Tricor brings all event elements under one roof to help simplify your world. 

Tradeshow & Event Asset Management

Tradeshow and event assets typically embody a significant investment representing a unique set of challenges to manage. As event managers and marketers, we understand you're often overwhelmed and understaffed but need to be on top of every detail. We can help! 

Our Asset Management Services and OrderCloud Technology Solutions are game changers for our clients. Tricor's OrderCloud event builder allows you to collect all show/event assets using an intuitive interface in a single shopping cart so all swag, booth properties, and print elements arrive in a single shipment. We ensure your valuable materials arrive on time, cleaned and ready to use. When a show approaches, we pull the exhibit, stage it, ship it to the show site, and arrange for its return. Once it arrives back in our warehouse, we’ll do any necessary repairs or refurbishment and then restock, where it remains ready for the next show.

Whether it's a small event with only a table throw and roll-up banner, or a full-scale complex booth, we'll ensure your assets are event-ready and always accounted for.


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